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Yoga for Confidence

Posted at 2:28 PM, Mar 04, 2019

Struggling with your self-image as swimsuit season creeps closer? Or perhaps you're a little shy when it comes to social gatherings?

These poses are aimed at amping you up with courage, and helping you feel strong, supported and maybe even invincible!

Follow along in the video, making sure to listen to your body and breathing, and slow things down as you deem fit.

Volcano Pose - Moves erratic energy, grounds you
Goddess Pose - Expands on that grounded feeling, then opens you up to new experiences and encourages you to channel a Higher power
Power Pose - This is my ultimate Power Pose! It makes me feel so strong and capable
Triangle Pose - Expands your energy and gives you a new perspective
Lunge - Strong and ready for anything
Warrior III - Feeling strong, balanced and ready to fly!

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