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Dr. Oz Stops By, Tells Us Why He’s Wearing a Red Suit on Utah Slopes!

Posted at 2:33 PM, Mar 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-06 16:33:02-05

Dr. Oz stopped to tell us all the fun he is having here in Utah this week! He is speaking at the USANA headquarters and addressing a group of multi-level companies who are being hosted by USANA for this field trip. These companies are coming together to exchange best practices and taking a tour of USANA`S state of art production facility. USANA has been an active supporter of Dr. Oz`s not-for-profit HealthCorps and other local SLC charities.

In addition, Dr. Oz will be participating in the Red, White and Snow charity ski event this weekend. He will be the one in the bright red ski suit on the slopes!

And don't forget to stick around after The Place to watch the Dr. Oz show! He is discussing the dangers of microwave popcorn!

The popcorn industry has been under increased scrutiny throughout the years, especially when headlines surfaced linking the ingredients in microwave popcorn to illnesses like lung disease and cancer. However, has the industry really cleaned up its act or are there still some health risks being covered up? Dr. Oz examines everything from the ingredients to the packaging to reveal the truth behind these allegations and ask the question: is microwave popcorn safe to eat again?

Find out more by visiting his website.