Stage 4 cancer patient says Missouri police searched his hospital room for marijuana

Posted at 2:09 PM, Mar 09, 2019

BOLIVAR, Mo. - A Missouri man battling Stage 4 cancer said police targeted him and searched his hospital room for marijuana and he has the incident on camera.

The officers involved said it's all part of the job, but the small Bolivar Police Department is now facing complaints.

Nolan Sousley is fighting Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was in the middle of a chemotherapy treatment at Citizens Memorial Hospital.

Police said they responded to a call about a smell of marijuana coming from the hospital Wednesday night. When officers entered Sousley's room, he and his family members started recording on their phones.

The video, streamed live to Facebook, shows a group of police officers searching bags sitting on a nearby bed. A doctor later shows up and asks the family to stop recording.

Sousley said Friday he felt violated and is tired of being attacked when he's just trying to save his own life.

Missouri voters approved medical marijuana last year, but it isn't legal to use yet. The state isn't taking applications for patient ID cards until July, and doctors can't certify patients for medical marijuana use until June.

Ultimately, the officer found CBD oil, which is legal. Officers didn't write any tickets.

Bolivar City Attorney Donald Brown said the city and the police chief are investigating the incident. Bolivar police said the department is getting threats since the video has been shared nearly 7,000 times on Facebook.

The hospital issued the following statement:

"Unfortunately, due to HIPAA, we are unable to comment about any specific patient, their treatment or what was done or not done in any particular situation. Generally speaking, it is against the hospital's policy to smoke or vape on the hospital's campus. It is also our policy to call appropriate law enforcement any time hospital personnel see or reasonably suspect illegal drug use in patient rooms or otherwise on campus."