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Max Roth joins us to discuss his podcast: ‘What’s Killing the Great Salt Lake?’

Posted at 2:52 PM, Mar 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-11 16:52:03-04

KSTU-TV News Anchor Max Roth joined us to talk about his podcast out now titled 'What's Killing the Great Salt Lake?'

Shrinking snow pack and human water consumption are threatening the future of the lake known as America's "Dead Sea".

Max explores the challenges and solutions to saving the lake with Dr. McKenzie Skiles, Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Utah.

It's part of the Fire & Ice podcast which explores America's West being under assault from Mother Nature.  From destructive wildfires to unusual weather patterns, shorter winters and historically low reservoir levels, weather anomonies are becoming the norm.  Along with Max, journalists from three other western states go beyond the partisan politics and explore the real-time impacts of these changing weather patterns.

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