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How this Utah woman lost 15 pounds in 12 days without starving herself

Posted at 3:53 PM, Mar 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-19 17:53:56-04

Dr. Kristen Kells is a chiropractic physician who now specializes in weight loss, hormone dysfunction, and nutrition. She has been the team chiropractor for USA Wrestling and Judo at two Olympic games, studied nutrition extensively, and has been working with MMA athletes and elite level athletes for years.

She stopped by today to tell us how 88% of her patients lose weight, and keep it off. Her client Roxy shared her success story of losing 15 pounds in 12 days!

"I have nine kids, been through stress and trauma, and also experienced weight loss resistance and injuries," she said. "I was doing everything right; eating organic, non-GMO. But I haven't been able to lose or keep it off until Dr. Kells' program. Now I'm sleeping better, my skin tone is even, I feel better. And I'm actually eating what I consider to be too much food!"

"What we've seen here in SLC: The go-go-go, taking care of everyone else, the desire to have it all together, the desire to give back and make a difference, the drive to do whatever it takes to take care of your family," said Dr. Kells. "The biggest disruptor of hormones is EPIC stress or on-going daily stress and we tackle that here."

Dr. Kells clinic offers a free, no-obligation consultation to come in, meet with a member of their team, and see if they can help you.

Find Dr. Kells' Weight Loss at or by calling (385) 217-3834.