The age to get married in Utah will be going up

Posted at 5:45 PM, Mar 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-26 20:04:43-04

SALT LAKE CITY — The age to get married in Utah will be going up.

Governor Gary Herbert signed House Bill 234, sponsored by Rep. Angela Romero, D-Salt Lake City, that raises the legal age to get married to 18. There is an exception for people to get married at age 16 or 17 with parental and a judge’s permission.

Until now, the legal age to get married in Utah was 15 with a judge’s permission.

The governor also signed another marriage-related bill. House Bill 422, sponsored by Rep. Stephen Handy, R-Layton, reaffirms the prohibition on marriages between half-siblings and uncles/aunts and nieces/nephews, as well as first cousin marriages (unless someone is over 55 and unable to reproduce).

The governor signed 66 bills into law on Tuesday, bringing the total number of bills signed to 372. Here are the other bills signed:

Public Education Definitions Coordination, Peterson, V.

Road Closure Amendments, Lyman, P.

Tax Increment Funding for Student Housing, Owens, D.

Office for Victims of Crime Amendments, Anderson, K.

Exemptions from Collection Amendments, Stratton, K.

State Active Duty Amendments, Peterson, V.

Marriage Amendments, Romero, A.

Local Tax Amendments, Knotwell, J.

County Recorder Fees Amendments

Sexually Oriented Business License Amendments, Stenquist, J.

Resort Communities Transient Room Tax Amendments, Last, B.

Amendments to Municipal Alternate Voting Methods Pilot Project, Roberts, M.

Post Disaster Recovery and Mitigation Restricted Account, McKell, M.

Higher Education Responses to Allegations, Coleman, K.

Avalanche Awareness Week, Lyman, P.

Pawnshop and Secondhand Merchandise Amendments, Hutchings, E.

Railroad Workers Day Designation, Kwan, K.

Substance Use and Health Care Amendments, Daw, B.

Murder Mitigation Amendments, Stoddard, A.

Notary Public Liability Amendments, Hall, C.

Changes to the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind, Pulsipher, S.

Domesticated Game Slaughter, Roberts, M.

Educational Services for Students in Human Services Programs, Owens, D.

Marriage Code Revisions, Handy, S.

Local Government Officer Bonding Amendments, Potter, V.

Elected Official and Judicial Compensation Commission Amendments, Last, B.

Undiagnosed Children Insurance Coverage Amendments, Eliason, S.

Health Care Debt Collection Notice Amendments, Miles, K.

Truth in Taxation Revisions, Spendlove, R.

Income Tax Domicile Amendments, Bramble, C.

Education Reporting Requirements, Millner, A.

Education Recodification Repealers, Millner, A.

Indigent Defense Act Amendments, Weiler, T.

Affordable Housing Modifications, Anderegg, J.

Hospital Lien Law Amendments, Hillyard, L.

Kratom Consumer Protection Act, Bramble, C.

Automatic Local District Withdrawal Amendments, Fillmore, L.

Reauthorization of Administrative Rules, Anderegg, J.

Autism Amendments, Bramble, C.

Community Reinvestment Agency Amendments, Harper, W.

Modifications to Government Records Provisions, Harper, W.

Child Welfare Amendments, Harper, W.

Beer Amendments, Stevenson, J.

Real Estate Amendments, Cullimore, K.

Environmental Quality Monitoring Amendments, Escamilla, L.

Lobbyist Licensing Modifications, Ipson, D.

Construction Trades Licensing Amendments, Mayne, K.

Medical Cannabis Act Amendments, Escamilla, L.

School Readiness Amendments, Millner, A.

Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals Amendments, Vickers, E.

Dual Language Immersion Amendments, Anderegg, J.

Limitations on Landowner Liability Amendments, Hemmert, D.

Consent for Medical Procedure Amendments, McCay, D.

Attorney General Amendments, Winterton, R.

Attorney General Enforcement Amendments, Hillyard, L.

Physician Assistant Amendments, Bramble, C.

Revised Athletic Agent Act, Hillyard, L.

Tax Administrative Remedies Amendments, Bramble, C.

USTAR Amendments, Sandall, S.

Blockchain Technology Act, Hemmert, D.

Adoption Service Agencies Amendments, Escamilla, L.

Heber Valley Historic Railroad Amendments, Hinkins, D.

Child Protection Registry Amendments, Weiler, T.

Utah State University Amendments, Hinkins, D.

Concurrent Resolution Supporting Exports of Utah Natural Gas to International Markets, Winterton, R.

Concurrent Resolution Designating Utah Girls in Tech Day, Millner, A.