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Terry Crews talks about life, ‘Me Too’ experience at UVU

Posted at 6:50 PM, Mar 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-28 21:27:25-04

OREM, Utah – Actor Terry Crews, one of the only male victims to come forward as part of the “Me Too” movement, spoke Thursday morning at Utah Valley University as part of the school’s Week of Dreams.

The actor, known for his Old Spice commercials and role as a cop on Brooklyn 99, danced and made jokes on stage. He also tackled some of the serious topics he has been trying to promote for years.

“I have no idea what life is all about,” Crews told the crowd of students. “I don’t. We are all figuring it out together.”

Since 2014, before the “Me Too” movement, Crews has used his platform to defend men and women who report sexual abuse instead of staying silent.

“I was guilty as a college student, as a football player, even in Hollywood,” Crews said. “There were things that I saw. I never said anything!”

That’s why Crews eventually spoke up about his own sexual assault case.

The actor said, in 2016, a Hollywood executive named Adam Venit groped him at a party.

Venit resigned and settled the lawsuit against him.

“Men need to hold other men accountable,” Crews said. “The truth is, if you ask the right questions, you can figure things out.”

Crews said he hopes the students understand that, even though none of us will ever have all the answers, we still need to do something any time a new problem arises.

“I thought it was really inspirational and really cool that he was able to open up about his story,” student Kenzie Robisson said.