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Preliminary test shows no bacteria in Cottonwood Mutual Water supply; boil advisory continues

Posted at 7:42 PM, Apr 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-02 21:42:18-04

MORGAN COUNTY, Utah — Hundreds of Cottonwood Mutual Water Company customers in Morgan County were rightfully concerned when they found a flyer posted on their door Monday telling them their community was in a boil advisory after one of their drinking water tanks was compromised.

Preliminary testing of the company's water supply showed negative results for bacteria. Results of a second test, called a confirmation test, are expected Wednesday. Until those results come in, Cottonwood Mutual Water Company recommends affected residents continue to follow the boil advisory.

On the Cottonwood Mutual Water Company website, they explain the possible drinking water contamination is the result of a lock securing one of their storage tanks being broken off, but the main question is, how did this happen?

"We’re not sure. I hate to suppose. We have been in contact with the Morgan County Sheriff's Department, who are reporting, and we just have to wait and see," said Doug Dingman, Cottonwood Mutual Water Company Board Member.

The company says the breach could have occurred anytime between February 6th and Monday. They say they check their tanks every month, but did not see anything unusual. The company has also been supplying bottles of water to affected residents.

"Maybe I’m just laid-back, but it’s just been so long. It’s just been so long and none of us are sick, so I think we’re good."" said Liz Polad, a customer affected by the boil advisory.

Polad said some of her neighbors are taking the issue very seriously, while others are not overly concerned.

"My mom who lives around the corner, she is full-on boiling," Polad said. "They’re not brushing their teeth with the water."

"We will be working as a board and meeting as a board to see what steps we have to do to make sure this doesn’t happen again," Dingman said.

As for Liz, she is impressed by how transparent and time sensitive the company has been, but as for her family and pets, she's not taking any chances.