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Roy City plans more traffic ‘calming circles’ despite pushback from drivers

Posted at 9:42 PM, Apr 02, 2019

ROY, Utah — A controversial street feature in Weber County meant to slow traffic gets pushback from drivers in Roy.

However, that hasn’t stopped the city council from putting seven new "calming features" in the Transportation Master Plan.

“They’ve placed an obstacle in the middle of the road,” Jerry Williams said. “It may calm somebody, but most people think it irritates. It’s an irritating circle.”

The miniature roundabout at 5700 South doesn’t direct traffic, but aims to slow vehicles without stopping them outright.

“It’s not slowing anybody down. That doesn’t slow one person down,” Williams said when a truck sped through the street feature.

Opponents argue large trucks can’t legally make left-hand turns. However, not every neighbor is irked.

“They’re pretty good except that I don’t think they’re big enough,” Mike Page said.

City leaders failed to get public input for the initial calming circle, which Mayor Robert Dandoy thinks caused much of the irritation.

“The public was not asked, was not involved and I think we are seeing a lot of that coming out,” Mayor Dandoy said.

During a city council meeting Tuesday, Mayor Dandoy said the speed of most drivers dropped four miles per hour after the installation of the calming circle late last year.

"What we are finding right now is that they work,” Mayor Dandoy said.

The city’s Master Transportation Plan now shows seven more calming features planned across the city.

The addition of more road features caused heated public discussion during the city council meeting.

City Councilman Bryon Saxton suggested there may be a better way, something opponents think would be a good idea.

“I think a stop sign would be better than this,” Williams said. “That’s all we are fighting for.”

The current calming circle cost $5,000. City leaders said they will continue to discuss the street features with the public on May 1.