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7-year-old saves father after serious seizure

Posted at 7:27 PM, Apr 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-05 23:08:37-04

NORTH OGDEN, Utah — A 7-year-old boy is being recognized by police for saving his father’s life.

Ryker Comley was at home with his two sisters when his dad, Justin, had a seizure. Falling on his face, Justin broke his nose but the seizure didn’t stop.

Comley’s mother, Jazmin, was more than an hour away and the family had just moved in — Ryker didn’t know any of his neighbors.

“He originally ran outside and was yelling for help,” said Jazmin. “Then he remembered, one time we told him if anything happens to Daddy and me, you call 911.”

Sgt. Jeremy Hindes with the North Ogden Police Department said his fellow officer took the call but didn’t realize it was a 7-year-old who placed it until he arrived on scene.

“Who knows how long or what could’ve happened to the father had the 7-year-old not taken the steps that he took,” said Sgt. Hindes.

Ryker kept his little sisters calm and even grabbed the dog after he got out — Ryker put him back in his kennel.

“After seeing what he did, it just really opens our eyes to how brave he is and how really smart he is,” said Jazmin.

Sgt. Hindes was so impressed with Ryker, he presented a certificate and coin they give to other policemen for their good duties — honoring the shy, 7-year-old like one of their brothers in blue.

“To have somebody else outside the family say, your 7-year-old did something great we’d like to recognize him for that, that means a whole lot,” said Justin who still has scars on his face from hitting it during the seizure.

And even though Ryker didn’t want to say much, his shy smile said it all.

“I certainly would call him a hero,” said Sgt. Hindes.