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Dogs are not getting the basics. This company offers a free solution

Posted at 2:24 PM, Apr 09, 2019

Mike Steele, co-founder of, says they're noticing a trend that many dogs who are trying to get adopted lack the most basic things: Training, nutrition and companionship. That's why he says Pupford has a free training on their website, as well as offers healthier food and treats.

Mike said, "96 percent of dogs relinquished to shelters have received zero formal obedience training! When we saw that stat, it honestly bummed us out! Think about it, you've got these dogs going into people's homes who have no real idea how to train their dog and oftentimes don`t have the means to pay for an in-house dog trainer. Over time, they get overwhelmed and end up giving their dogs back to shelters or worse! So we really feel like being able to provide a high-quality and effective dog training for everyone for free, can lower the number of dogs that end up in shelters."

In addition to watching cute pup Hershey perform some of the basic commands she learned in the online training class, Mike shared more information with us today:

"So a few months ago we launched our 100-percent free online dog training class, 30 Day Perfect Pup. We created this class in partnership with Zak George, who is one of the foremost names in positive reinforcement dog training. The class is completely free and comes with in-depth videos, an eBook, daily tips, and access to a private Facebook community. It's a great resource for new puppy parents, people looking to polish some of their dog`s skills and anyone who wants to create a better relationship with their pup. We've had over 40,000 people take the class and there have been so many success stories we've seen, we`re so happy about it."

"In the training, they'll learn things like sit, stay, leave it, look at me, leash training, crate training and so much more! Anyone can go to to sign up for free."

"As for the treats we sell, these are freeze-dried beef liver training treats that we offer! We made these treats specifically for training! They are really high-value, dogs love the taste, and they only have 2 kcal per treat! When you are working on lengthy training sessions, the treats you give can really add up! So with these treats, you get something that`s gonna keep your pup`s interest, all while not overfeeding them."

"If you go check out most 'training treats' on the market, they are WAY too big and are usually filled with some scary ingredients like sugar, molasses, maple syrup. Or, they`re marketed as a 'beef treat' but don`t have beef until the 13th ingredient... that`s just wrong! Our treats are different because they are built specifically for training, meaning they help improve focus and attention which is EVERYTHING in training."

"So if people want to learn more just head to and you can check out our social media accounts for updates as well! And for today only you can save 13% off your entire order with the code FOX13!"