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Chicago zoo looking for new home for adorable river otter

Posted at 12:17 PM, Apr 11, 2019

CHICAGO — Zoo officials in metro Chicago are looking for a new home for one of their cutest inhabitants.

The adorable river otter pup was born at the Brookfield Zoo on February 26th.

His mother,  Charlotte, rejected him shortly after he was born -- so zoo staff raised him.

The problem is after doing that, Charlotte is unlikely to accept him back.

Experts decided the best future for the pup is to go to another facility that has otters the same age.

They are currently deciding where to send him.

The pup comes from the second successful river otter birth at the Brookfield Zoo.

Charlotte and her mate, Ben, had a litter of two pups in 2017 that are on loan to other facilities as part of a breeding program.

According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the otter population in the 80s was estimated to be lower than 100.

A program that brought otters in from other states helped the species recover successfully in the state.