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You will see her in the May issue of Sports Illustrated

Posted at 2:55 PM, Apr 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-11 16:55:21-04

Velonika "Veronica" Pome'e is from California, but her family comes from the Kingdom of Tonga, a small island nation in the South Pacific.

She's going to be in the May issue of Sports Illustrated, the first plus size Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Veronica will be speaking Friday, April 12 at the 6th Annual Pacific Islander Violence Prevention Conference at the Embassy Suites in West Valley City.

Susi Feltch-Malohifo'ou says the conference aims to raise awareness, and to put an end to domestic violence.  Her main message: if you are being abused, or know someone who is -- report it.

Veronica is a perfect keynote speaker because her background after high school has always been in community organizing.  She loves to work with at-risk teens by encouraging creative expression and self love empowerment.  She's also currently working with a member of the Tongan Royal Family to bring awareness to a Climate Action Project for the rising sea levels throughout the South Pacific.  As a spokesperson for Sea Level Rising, she believes her home of heritage is in danger due to pollution and global warming.  She acts as a guardian for the world's largest ocean that has been home to her family for centuries.