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Behind the scenes, contest winners sing with The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

Posted at 8:42 PM, Apr 14, 2019

SALT LAKE CITY -- World-renowned, The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square held a contest allowing anyone to come to and sing with the choir.

Location, religion and music abilities were not a part of the criteria.

“We had over 6,000 people apply on Facebook or Instagram,” said Scott Barrick, the choir’s general manager.

Barrick said they selected two men and two women—two from Utah, one from Arizona and one from Alaska—to come to a Thursday night rehearsal with the choir and the perform in the choir’s pre-show recording.

“When you see the choir and orchestra perform on Sunday mornings, it looks beautiful and seamless, but it takes a mountain of work,” said Barrick.

Contestants were fitted to choir-clothing and had professional make-up done before they took their seats in the choir.

“There’s a lot of time put into learning the notes, to learning the words,” said Debbie Matheson, one of the contest winners. “This has been something that’s on my bucket list for a long, long time.”

Daniel Wilson echoed that sentiment—his father first showed him the choir, and Daniel’s been listening to them ever since.

“To be a part of the other side of the choir, the singing side rather than the listening side, was really just a life long dream of mine,” said Wilson.