BTS performed on ‘SNL’ and fans went crazy

Posted at 8:11 PM, Apr 14, 2019

(CNN) — This week’s “SNL” was all about BTS.

Sure, “Saturday Night Live” was hosted by Emma Stone and took jabs at Michael Avenatti, Lori Loughlin, Julian Assange and “The View” — but the spotlight belonged to the seven members of the boy band sensation.

BTS became the first Korean pop, or K-pop, group to perform on SNL. Korean pop music has been steadily growing in popularity. But BTS has elevated the genre into an international movement.

The group’s new album, “Map of the Soul: Persona,” is expected to smash sales charts.

The group’s high-energy dance moves and pitch-perfect vocals as they performed “Boy With Luv” and “Mic Drop,” drew screams and applause from the “SNL” audience and lit up social media.

Their fans, collectively known as ARMY, were in full force on Twitter and Instagram during the band’s two performances.

“My daughter is making really weird mouth noises watching #BTSxSNL and just had to take her hoodie off because she’s sweating. It’s a #BTSARMY thing for those not aware,” said radio host JJ Ryan.

“Slay!!! Their voices were perfection… They adapted their dancing to that tiny stage. And they were backed by what looked like a Korean band. I feel like a proud auntie. I…even put my cake down for this performance,” said Jae-Ha Kim, a journalist for the Los Angeles Times.

“Live band. Killer vocals. Moves for days. Crushed it! That’s how you say ‘what’s up America? #BTSxSNL'” said writer Colleen Nika.

“I screamed in my living room. Not even gonna lie. #BTSxSNL” said actress Angie Grace.

The band’s performance also sparked a conversation about the historic and cultural impact.

“I’ve been watching SNL since the late ’70s til I stopped watching in the 90s. Never seeing an Asian face on their staff always stung. But tonight I just saw 7 Korean faces gracing that damn stage and it was the best part of that show so I AM OVER IT. #BTSxSNL,” said actor Paul Bae.