A California mother listens to her son’s heart, this time from inside the woman whose life it saved.

Posted at 7:51 AM, Apr 16, 2019

SAN DIEGO - The family of an organ donor had the opportunity to meet the woman who received his heart.

When David Rivera died at age 30 from a brain bleed caused by a rare clotting disorder in 2017, his heart was used to save the life of a San Diego mother of two named Sandra. Sandra had struggled with heart disease for many years and was near death when she received Rivera's heart, which she calls "a miraculous gift provided by God."

On Monday, Rivera's mother Susan Amador, his fiancée Kimmy Hoang and their toddler son Josiah used a stethoscope to listen to Rivera's heartbeat during a meeting arranged by the nonprofit organization Lifesharing.

"They're pretty much gonna be like our family because we're connected," Amador said. "I mean, after all, Sandra - her heart is, you know, part of me. I just met her today, but I know her - part of her - from 33 years ago almost."

Because he was a registered organ donor, Rivera's lung, liver, kidneys and tissue were used to save four other lives after he died.