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History buffs will love this walking tour of Ogden

Posted at 2:59 PM, Apr 17, 2019

Have you heard the folklore of Historic 25th Street in Ogden?

Matt Jones and Jennifer Jones with Ogden History Tours stopped by to highlight some of the things you can experience on their informative walks!

"We started the tours because we thought it would be a great way to share our love for Ogden`s unique history and wild past."

They offer three different tours: Electric Alley - Ogden's red light district, Ogden Untamed - Historic True Crime (murders, bootlegging / gambling, the mob, etc) and Ghosts of Ogden - Stories of Ogden's haunted history.

Jennifer and Matt also said, "Our tours are different because each story has been researched in depth and provides actual names and dates of the people involved in the stories. All stories told on the tour are told in front of the location where they took place. We try to include pictures of the people involved or pictures of what the buildings looked like during the time the story took place."

Tours are $20 per person with discounts if groups of four or more are booked.

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