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A ‘Tomato Frenzy’ is happening and you’re the winner

Posted at 2:57 PM, Apr 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-19 16:57:43-04

Budah says he doesn't have good tomato growing skills, so he turned to the experts at J & J Nursery and Garden Center in Layton for help.

Right now it's 'Tomato Frenzy'.  You can find hundreds of varieties from heirlooms to cherry pear to low acidic tomatoes.  Shannon from J & J says it's all about what you like!  Some of her personal favorites are the Black Krim which has a smoky flavor so they're great with hamburgers... the Early Girl will mature in 54 days... and the Sun Sugar are a tiny yellow cherry tomato that are sweet.  It's nicknamed the "Lawnmower Tomato" because you'll want to snack on them while you do yard work.

Right now with the 'Tomato Frenzy' you can get a great deal -- because of a sale.  You'll normally pay $4.50 for an extra large tomato plants.  Starting today, April 19, and for the next two weeks you'll only pay $2.25.

Every tomato plant that J & J carries is suited to Utah's soil -- so that takes the guesswork out of it.

But, you do need to prep the ground!  Shannon suggests using good chicken manure to get nutrients and calcium nitrate to help the soil get the calcium it needs.  When you go to plant, take off the bottom leaves (think of it as a mini haircut, get rid of all those fine hair-looking roots) and dig your hole deep enough to go half way up the plant.  Once it's planted you'll want to feed your tomato plant (look for #22 on the package, Shannon says that will help it produce more blossoms).

Of course you can find everything you need at J & J Nursery and Garden Center.  Visit their website for more information: