Pennsylvania college inaugurates an African king as its president

Posted at 8:31 AM, Apr 21, 2019

MILLERSVILLE, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- It was a celebration fit for a king at one Pennsylvania college.

Not only is Dr. Daniel Wubah a king in Ghana, he has now been named the president of Millersville University, according to WPMT.

"In Ghana, I'm still a king, so my name there is Ana Ofosu Peko III," said Dr. Daniel Wubah, the Marauders' new president.

Not what you'd typically see at a university inauguration, but this isn't your typical university president.

"It doesn't happen very often," said Marth Pobee, Ghana's ambassador to the United Nations. "This is a very proud moment, very special we're here from New York, and the government, people of ghana need to know."

Other kings from Ghana came to witness this historic moment in Lancaster County.

"There's a national, hardworking, disciplined patriot who lives in America, contributes to American society, and has risen up the ranks to president of this wonderful university, and I think it's a story we need to tell," added Pobee.

Dr. Wubah tells WPMT he wants to have more students graduate in four years, increase fundraising for the university, and continue to develop new academic programs to lead students into their careers and higher education.

"I'm really looking forward to collaborating with the community to produce the best graduates we can for Millersville University," added Dr. Wubah.