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How you can focus on earth friendly attire for Earth Day

Posted at 2:30 PM, Apr 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-22 16:30:53-04

Do you feel like you are doing your best to recycle?  Many of us have gotten the hang of recycling our food containers and newspapers.  But what about clothing?

Wardrobe Stylist Dani Slaugh says 21 billion pounds of clothes end up in landfills in the United States every year.  And, only 10 to 15 percent of the clothes you donate actually end up in the secondhand market.   Dani joined us with ways you can focus on earth friendly attire for Earth Day.

Wear clothing made of fabric containing some recycled material.  Some clothing manufacturers, such as Levi Strauss, Zella, H&M and others have found a way to incorporate plastic bottles into their fabrics. (They use a minimum 20 percent of plastics recycled from drinks bottles and food trays.)

Fast fashion has gotten a bad wrap in the past for producing so many low cost, clothing options that people buy, wear for just a few months and then throw them away, where they eventually end up in the landfill. It has been called cheap chic in the past. H&M has an entire line of 'Earth Conscious' clothing.  Everything with the green tag has a lower environmental impact either by using plastics, sustainable sources of cotton, silk, wood fibers, etc., or using fabric from waste or cut-offs created during production or donated clothing. They have started a collection for unwanted used clothing that they then recycle into new items.

Buy your personal classics that are going to last. When you understand your style, your figure type, your best colors you will avoid making fast fashion mistakes that end up in the landfill.

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