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3 injured in crash involving RV and truck at 2100 S and State St.

Posted at 3:25 PM, Apr 22, 2019

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah — A crash involving a motorhome, a pickup truck and a Starbucks slowed traffic during Monday's evening commute.

At the intersection of State Street and 2100 South, a motorhome crashed into a pole. It landed up on the sidewalk, coming to a stop where you'd normally see cars lining up for a Starbucks drive-thru.

Firefighters say it was a two-car crash involving an RV and a truck. Aaron Arnesen, with the Salt Lake City Fire Department, said one of the vehicles turned in front of the other, causing the motorhome to veer off to the right-hand side and crash into a pole.

Three people were taken to the hospital, but all of their injuries are minor.

"Patients were lucky that nothing happened particularly in this type of incident in a motorhome a lot of time people are loose in the back of the vehicle so that’s kind of a concern to us," Arnesen said.

However, firefighters were extra careful because of what was inside the motorhome.

"Our main concern right now is when that vehicle hit that street sign it loosened up an electrical power box that was underneath that vehicle. Inside this motorhome also has a couple cans of gasoline so with that gasoline being inside the motor vehicle and with that potential electrical hazard underneath the vehicle we want to make sure we're taking every precaution necessary," says Arnesen.

After a tow truck removed the motorhome, law enforcement got the intersection back up and running a short time later.

The official cause of the crash is under investigation.