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North Salt Lake man accused of bomb plot

Posted at 7:03 PM, Apr 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-26 22:42:15-04

NORTH SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Police in North Salt Lake have arrested a man who they believe was making bombs to try and blow up American Towers in downtown Salt Lake City.

Neighbors said they always thought there was something “fishy” about Jose Benito Guanajuato. They described him sometimes walking around the neighborhood, wearing rubber gloves and carrying chemicals with a respirator mask over his face.

Eventually, police checked the place when someone reported smelling ammonia coming from his home.

According to a police report compiled by NSLPD, officers initially believed Guanajuato created a drug lab. They found cocaine and methamphetamine.

Instead, officers said the lab was intended to create explosives.

According to some of the notes in the suspect’s room, “American towers is not only the foundation of homeland security but is also coustoms, ice (sic) … to my understanding this is also a condows (sic).”

“Yeah, it’s just condos. So, uh, I don’t know,” said Alma Roundy, who lives at American Towers. “I don’t even know why he’d want to bomb customs.”

FOX 13 spoke to a number of people at American Towers, none of whom had heard of Guanajuato or his plan.

“It’s just everyday average people,” said Alex Mondragon, a painter working at American Towers. “We’ve done quite a bit of work here, and there’s a lot of nice people who live in these building. I’m sure a lot of people on these floors would be shocked to hear what’s going on… You got to take everything serious nowadays because you don’t know if it’s a threat or if it’s for real.”

People who live in Guanajuato's neighborhood said they were afraid to speak on camera because they witnessed a number of his friends coming and going from the house. They said they hope those individuals are not involved.

It’s unclear what charges Guanajuato will face from the Davis County District Attorney’s Office.

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