Uber driver picked up 2 riders in Texas. One passenger killed the other and fled, police say

Posted at 6:26 AM, Apr 28, 2019

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Texas police are looking for an Uber passenger who shot and killed another rider Friday near Houston, authorities said.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez identified the victim as James Grant Booker II, 26. The alleged shooter is on the run, and police are searching the surrounding areas.

The Uber driver called police after attempting to pick up two passengers at an intersection, Gonzalez said.

One of the two men sat in the rear passenger’s side of the SUV, while the other came around the back and then fired “multiple times” into the back seat where “his companion” was, Gonzalez said.

The driver left with the injured man and called police. When deputies arrived following the driver’s call, they found the deceased man in the back seat, Gonzalez said. The shooter fled the area in an “unknown vehicle,” Gonzalez said.

From initial information, Gonzalez said the driver didn’t seem to be connected to the two individuals, and was just there to pick them up. The driver was not injured.

CNN has reached out to Uber for comment.