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3 fashion myths you may be falling for

Posted at 2:30 PM, May 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-08 16:30:49-04

As the weather warms up and we may be looking to do some clothes shopping, we asked wardrobe stylist Dani Slaugh to de-bunk any style myths that may be driving our fashion choices!

"We're coming up on Mother's Day and it's getting to be wedding season. You may find yourself wearing more dresses this time of year. And chances are you have a pair of nude heels in the closet...'cause nude heels make your legs look longer and they go with everything. Right? Not necessarily! This is a strategy I learned from my mentor Judith Rasband: Light shoes are too delicate to support a dark outfit. Nude heels disappear when they match your skin. They can make you look like you forgot to put on any shoes.

  1. Myth: Nude heels go with any brightly colored dress or suit for an elegant finish.  No they don't. Nude is a subtle, dulled flesh color in opposition to bright fashion colors. They make you look like you don't know how to coordinate your clothes.
    Before you go and toss them, try wearing them with light colors such as shell pink, nude, cream, and tan colored clothes.
  2. Myth: Black is the most slimming color. Nope. And if you're forced into a certain color pallet to wear for a wedding that doesn't include black, you don`t have to starve yourself to lose weight. Watch the video for other great color options.  Darker colors can be just as slimming as black.
  3. Myth: Don't wear white before Memorial Day. Wearing white is a great way to feel sunny and bright, just like the weather. The rule about not wearing white until after Memorial Day is more of a guideline anyway - cue 'Pirates of the Caribbean.' What's the logic behind the rule - er guideline? Dark colors absorb the light, making you feel warmer. Lighter colors, like white, reflect the light and make you feel cooler. It's not about Memorial Day, per se, it's about the temperature change. In theory, it's just after Memorial Day when temperatures get warmer and we opt for warm weather clothes and lighter colors that reflect instead of absorb the light. They also help us feel lighter and sunny, and put us in the mood for warm weather."

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