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Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire kicks off its first weekend

Posted at 10:12 PM, May 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-13 01:16:38-04

Marriott-Slaterville, Utah -- Here ye, here ye! Calling all lords, ladies, lads and mistresses-- time to gather 'round and feast thine eyes on quite an event.

The Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire in northern Utah offers ye a peek into a past magical world.

Knights show off their horsemanship skills-- the best in all the kingdom.

Grab thou bow and arrow, and perfect thy aim at targets.

Or maybe, thou doth desire to see skilled craftsmen showcase their medieval goods.

Meet the most fantastical creatures-- from mermaids to faeries and pixies.

Hear sweet melodies from long, long ago. The cares of the day, of the week, will wither away.

"Back to better times," doth declare Ron Fielding, Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire merchant coordinator. "Gives people an escape. They can come out and just kind of forget what they're doing, and come out and just enjoy their family."

Sword maker and leather worker Joshua Von War-Bear showeth off his handmade knives and swords, forged with only the purest metals in the land.

"It's almost like an Elvin ranger blade, poplar handle and rivet," said he, as Von War-Bear held up a small, but mighty blade.

Von War-Bear made his journey from far, far away. He hails from a kingdom called Orem.

"I come to just get away from the monotony of wearing ties and jeans," saideth Von War-Bear. "There's mead, and there's turkey legs, and there's Monte Cristo sandwiches, and archery, and axe-throwing and horse riding. And, it’s just kind of my Graceland."

So, embrace the once-upon-a-time at the festival, and seize whatever is your heart's desire.

If thou dost love the Renaissance arts, thou can attendeth the Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire every weekend in May in Marriott-Slaterville. Clicketh here for information.