One thing unites two very different movies: dogs.

Posted at 2:39 PM, May 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-19 16:40:13-04

By Steve Oldfield

This week at the movies, two very different sequels have two things in common: they won't disappoint their fans, and they've both "gone to the dogs."

Their screenplays won't be winning any awards, but A Dog's Journey and John Wick Chapter 3 will no doubt make their fans happy, and they have another thing in common: dogs steal the show!

You'd expect that in the sequel to a Dog's Purpose, and they don't disappoint.

And you can tell star Dennis Quaid is a dog person — he brought his own pooch to set.

"This is my dog, Peaches. Say hello. Say Hello, honey," he said in an interview on set.

"She's occupied," he said when Peaches didn't respond.

"I've always been a dog person. I've always had a dog. Dogs give you comfort. They're your friend. They're family to us," he said.

In addition to John Wick's trusty sidekick, two German Shepherds steal the spotlight — their scenes are the coolest in an awesome movie.

The art direction, editing and cinematography are all Oscar-caliber, and the crazy stunts made me appreciate Keanu Reeves and his costar Halle Berry for all their hard work preparing for the picture.

"Some people say they want to do John Wick training, and then it starts," Reeves said. "And then they're like, 'Oh, this is John Wick training.' And when Halle said she wanted to do that, Chad (Stahelski, the film's director and a veteran stuntman) said, 'Here you go.' And Halle said, "Thank you, sir, can I please have some more?"

"Probably the hardest six or seven months I've experienced in my professional life," Berry said. "I had to learn, one, to fight like Keanu, and I had to learn to fight with him in close proximity. They're very much a team."

A Dog's Journey is good for the family, and John Wick is a pretty hard R-rated movie that will no doubt be one of the year's best action movies and a contender for the Critics Choice Award.