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5 Ways to make change simpler

Posted at 2:51 PM, May 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-20 16:51:19-04

Change can be difficult, and when it comes to changes in relationships, money situations, time management, health, career and other personal areas... a lot of people don't know where to begin.

Tony Child, from Elevated Worldwide, says "When we go to the root cause of behavior change, we can make significant changes rapidly.  If you're willing to put in the work and follow the process, you can make dramatic changes rapidly in your life."

Child joined us with five tips to making changes and having them be permanent.

1. Increase your level of awareness. How will you ever break free of a prison if you don`t even know you`re in one? Many of our limiting behaviors and beliefs that are holding us back are generational. This means they were passed down from one generation to the next. The only way to break free is to become self-aware and, unfortunately, you don`t become self-aware accidentally. How can I become more self-aware?
2. Engage in a process to change. Leadership expert John C Maxwell shared the following: 'If I want to be inspired, I`ll attend an event. If I want to change, I`ll engage in a daily process and stick with it.' What are your daily processes to change? We get motivated and inspired all of the time but how is it translating into change. You must engage in a daily process to change. What daily things can I start doing today?
3. Stop focusing on behavior and start focusing on mindset. Every single thing our body does stems from a thought (either conscious or subconscious). Between 93-97% of our day is subconscious. If we want to change results and behaviors permanently, we must go to the root cause. Try programming the subconscious mind. How do we program our subconscious mind?
4. Practice gratitude. Have you ever heard of the abundance/scarcity mindset? At any given moment in your life, you have a choice to look at your situation through a lens of 'not enough' or 'always enough.' Stress, anxiety, and depression stem from seeing life through a lens of uncertainty. Practicing gratitude every day creates certainty to life and stress, anxiety, and depression start to diminish. How do I know I need more gratitude in my life? What are some of the symptoms of ingratitude?
5. Understand that words have great power. Self-fulfilling prophecy is taught in every university across the world. This is where a person will become who they believe themselves to be. Either for good or bad, you become what you repeat. Watch the words you allow into your life and the self-talk you allow out of your mouth. What are some of the things I can do to monitor my self-talk and what I allow into my life?

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