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Young moose tranquilized, relocated after visiting Mapleton neighborhood

Posted at 11:07 AM, May 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-20 13:07:59-04

MAPLETON, Utah — Mapleton Police are grateful for an assist from wildlife officers after an errant moose was captured Sunday.

Mapleton Police posted about a moose on the loose in town, saying the animal ate some shrubbery Sunday morning but didn’t cause any trouble beyond that.

“Shout out to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources for responding quickly,” the department wrote.

The post states the young moose was tranquilized and relocated.

Wild Aware Utah provides tips for preventing animal encounters as well as information about how to react when encountering potentially dangerous wild animals, including moose. See below for those tips:

If You Encounter A Moose

  • On a trail, give the moose a lot of space and watch it’s behavior.
  • Back off if a moose exhibits any signs of aggression, such as the hair standing up on their neck, snout licking, or ears back.
  • Stay calm. Do not run away. Talk, make your presence known and slowly back off in the direction you came.
  • If a moose charges you or chases you hide behind something solid such as a tree.
  • If a moose knocks you down, curl into a ball, protect your head and lie still until the moose retreats.