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5 Splash Pads you’ll want to visit this summer

Posted at 2:28 PM, May 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-21 16:28:12-04

When it comes to summer, kids love playing in Splash Pads.

We have a list of five you won't want to miss, from Harmony Walker with The Salt Project.

  1. South Ogden Nature Park Splash Pad & Park.  It's not a fancy splash pad, but it has all the necessary things like buckets, guns, spritzers and fountains that shoot from the ground.  It has a big kid park and a small kid park right next to it too.  There are some shade trees, a lot of grass and even a pavilion.
  2. Rotary Play Park at Liberty Park.  This is located at the northwest side of the park.  It is a small splash pad with three features: a fire hydrant, fountains and a tunnel.  It does the job of keeping everyone cool and happy!
  3. Foxboro North Splash Pad in North Salt Lake.  This is one of the bigger splash pads out there and while it doesn't have the buckets and water slides, it does have a wide open space and lots of later shooting out.  The playground is covered, so it doesn't get too hot and the ground has a spongy bounce to it and doesn't get hot either.
  4. Ellison Park Splash Pad in Layton.  This one features a small playground structure that the kids can climb on and it even has a small water slide.  At the bottom of the slide the ground is padded so kids don't get scraped up.  There are also various spraying elements and water guns.  And up on the structure there are dump buckets to release on unsuspecting people below.
  5. Wardle Fields Splash Pad and Playground in Bluffdale.  There is something for everyone here!  The splash pad itself is huge and has a Rocky Mountain nature theme complete with waterfalls to jump through, streams to follow, bigger ponds to play in and water that shoots all over the place.

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