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5 Unique date ideas for couples

Posted at 3:12 PM, May 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-22 17:12:44-04

We all get stuck in the same old, same old rut!

We invited Amberly Lambert from Davis County Dates on the show with five new, unique dating ideas for couples.

1. Full Moon Lift Rides - Sundance holds these romantic lift rides one weekend a month, from June through October, surrounding the full moon. They run the lift from 8:30-11pm and you get to enjoy a quiet ride up and down the mountain. The fresh air is nice, the view is beautiful and sometimes you'll even catch songs from their summer musical drifting through the air while you ride. They have a 2-person package for $34 and each ride lasts about an hour. You can find dates of this year's lift rides on their website.

2. Food Truck Roundups - Food trucks have become really popular over the past couple of years but it can be hard to find where they're at or what's available and there might not be a lot of variety in your area on a regular basis. These roundup events are a great opportunity to try a variety of food trucks, become familiar with new local trucks you weren't aware of and have a fun date night. The Food Truck League puts on a lot of these events around the valley but you can also find find food trucks congregating at local summer events, markets and even weekly events put on by your city.

3. Outdoor Concerts - Outdoor concerts are one of the best summer date nights! You can find free outdoor concert series at amphitheaters or through your local community arts. One of our favorite places to catch free summer concerts is at Station Park in Farmington. We can grab dinner and then sit around the fountain enjoying each other's company and the live music or we can request to eat on the patio of one of the restaurants near the fountain and have dinner and a show. Deer Valley also has an amazing concert series that is a lot of fun and takes place in the mountains throughout the summer. They're fun if you're looking to make a night of it.

4. Sunset Hikes - We have so many beautiful mountains and trails in our area that also come with magnificent views. Look for trails that are not too difficult or long and bring a headlamp with you for the hike back down. Time your hike based on sunset and try to arrive at your lookout destination 20-30 minutes before you plan to watch the sun set. Pack a treat or a snack to eat when you reach the top and enjoy the view and talking with each other. One of the local trails that we've heard is perfect for sunset hikes is the Wild Rose Trail in North Salt Lake.

5. Farmer's Markets - Farmer's markets provide a great opportunity to purchase locally grown, fresh produce and support your local farmers and business owners. They're fun to explore and there's something new every week, whether it's new produce that's in season or a vendor who hasn't been there before. There are often samples and food trucks and other yummy goodies. Ogden and Salt Lake have the biggest farmer's markets in the area, but you can also find them locally in your city.

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