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High winds topple trees, trucks in northern Utah

Posted at 2:20 PM, May 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-23 16:20:07-04

OGDEN, Utah — High winds caused multiple trees to fall and forced a pair of semitrailers off the road in northern Utah Thursday.

In Ogden, a tree crashed into Steven Ames' house overnight, coming dangerously close to his bedroom.

"It sounded like a giant hurricane come through and picked up everything and just chucked it straight in the air," Ames said. "We consider ourselves very fortunate. Nothing else was damaged besides just the tree. It will grow back. We'll plant another one in its place."

Parts of the tree hit the roof, causing some structural damage, while another portion fell in Ames' yard, damaging his fence.

Ames said he is worried another storm blowing through could knock the rest of the tree down.

Downed trees were also reported behind Ames' house at Leavitt's Mortuary and in Smithfield, leaving big messes for crews to clean up.

Two semitrailers also ran into wind-related issues in Box Elder County. One vehicle was tipped over on its side while the other ran off the road.

The Utah Highway Patrol said both trucks weren't carrying loads and had nothing to weight them down.

UHP also said if wind conditions are bad, big truck drivers should pull over in a safe location and try to wait it out.