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Ogden man charged with kidnapping woman in Provo

Posted at 11:00 AM, May 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-25 13:00:23-04

PROVO, Utah – An Ogden man was arrested for allegedly getting into a woman’s car and forcing her to drive him to the Provo Mall on Thursday.

According to a probable cause statement, 32-year-old Brennen Reed Decker was found by police after a woman reported a man wearing black muddy pants, a black hoody, and carrying a brown paper bag forced her to drive him to the mall.

The victim states that Decker was standing in front of her car when she got off work. When she tried to unlock just her driver’s side door it unlocked both front doors. Decker opened the other unlocked door and entered the victim’s car, according to the probable cause statement.

The victim said she told Decker to get out but he refused, and told her to drive him somewhere, the PC statement said. The victim stated she did not know if he had any weapons on him, and was afraid he would cause harm if she did not listen to him.

After the incident police found Decker walking away from the mall towards University Avenue. Police said when they made contact with Decker he identified himself as “Jack Dawson” and refused to answer any questions.

Police arrested Decker and transported him to the Utah County Jail.

According to the PC statement, Decker gave his true identity to police once he was asked to provide fingerprints.

Decker was charged with obstruction of justice and second-degree felony kidnapping.