Police search for Daybreak hit-and-run suspect

Posted at 5:57 PM, May 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-28 19:57:29-04

DAYBREAK, Utah — With some new surveillance video of the incident, South Jordan Police are hoping someone in the Daybreak area recognizes the car that hit a man and drove off nearly two weeks ago.

Lt. Matt Pennington of South Jordan Police Department said the video is their first solid lead in a May 17 hit-and-run case in Daybreak.

Police say a 40-year-old man was getting into his car when he was hit by a dark-colored SUV.

“There's some lasting effects from the concussion, which can take some time. There's no easy answer to when those go away, but overall, he's stable. He's back home. He's out of the hospital,” Pennington said.

Police believe an elderly woman was also partially clipped.

“She doesn't necessarily remember for sure, but she has some injuries that are kind of in line with getting clipped on her hand,” Pennington said.

Armed with this new piece of evidence, police are re-canvassing the scene.

“Even though we've been actively following up on thi,s we have various reports on what this vehicle may be,” Pennington said.

Initially, witnesses told police that the vehicle was a Jeep Wrangler, but after looking at this video they've ruled that out.

“We're going to re-interview some people see if maybe they've had a better memory or recollection of that. We're hoping to find additional video, but we don`t have any type of ID on the driver at this point,” Pennington said.

Police are looking for more surveillance opportunities in the neighborhood.

“If you come home tonight and have a card on your door, it means we saw something that you may have some information. We want to talk to you,” Pennington said.

Police are also hoping the person(s) in the vehicle l will see this video and turn themselves in.

“It’s an accident, and somebody got scared that they hit a person, and they've taken off," Pennington said. "It becomes more serious the farther you run."