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Bison attack victim released from hospital, shares frightening story

Posted at 6:03 PM, Jun 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-05 20:04:14-04

SYRACUSE, Utah — The man attacked by a bison on Antelope Island over the weekend shared his frightening story.

Released from the hospital Tuesday, Kyler Bourgeous' transition home hasn’t been easy. Doctors said the fact he is home is remarkable.

“When they let me go yesterday, they were like, ‘How is this even possible?’” Bourgeous said.

Bourgeous suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung, deep scrapes and two large punctures caused by the bison’s horns.

“It gored my hip and my armpit but it missed all the vital stuff,” he said.

Doctors said Bourgeous was just millimeters away from paralysis or bleeding to death.

“I can remember screaming when it happened and then yelling. It was obviously very terrifying, hurt immensely,” Bourgeous said.

On Saturday, Bourgeous ran ahead of his family on a trail and surprised two adult bison when he turned a corner. Without even time to think, one charged and threw him up in the air and trampled him on the ground.

‘Don’t do anything to provoke this because it would definitely kill you if it comes at you again.’”

A picture taken in the hospital shows the outline of the bison’s hoof on his head. Despite Bourgeous’ run-in with a 2,000-pound animal, he plans to get back to the island when he’s healed up.

“There is a reason I put so many miles into those trails. It is a lot of pretty things to see,” Bourgeous said.

Bourgeous wished to thank the fellow hikers and medical staff he credits for saving his life.