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Car Critic: Two electric hybrid Mercedes

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jun 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-16 00:25:42-04

When you hear "Mercedes-Benz," you might think of luxury cars and big SUVs.

Fox 13 Car Critic Brian Champagne checks out two Benzes that prove you’re half right.

The Mercedes AMG CLS53 charges its hybrid batteries when you let off the pedal. The gas engine, a turbo, and an electric compressor get you 429 horsepower, plus the starter motor for 21 more, and it will custom spoil you inside.

Your car has a lot of the same equipment as the CLS like power windows. But they’re so much quieter and smoother. It just does everything better.

You notice the materials and attention to detail all over.

Still nice, but very different, we borrowed a GLC 350e. It’s a plug-in hybrid you can charge up for an electric start to your trip. They conservatively estimate 14 miles all electric. We did a little better, but we’ve tested Kias doing at least 10 miles better.

The GLC does the kick open and height change, too, and is the more liveable of the two, but the least driving fun. Unless watching your gas engine turn off gives you a little eco-buzz.