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3 tips from a pediatric dentist about keeping kids’ teeth healthy this Summer

Posted at 4:35 PM, Jun 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-18 18:35:23-04

Is your child more at risk for dental problems when they're out of school?

"Accidents while playing sports, riding bicycles and scooters, and other physical outdoor activities increase during the summer," says Scott Folkman, a dentist at Legacy Pediatric Dentistry.

He said to combat this, make sure kids wear safety gear including mouth guards and helmets.

He also encourages parents to keep their kids on a regular dental care routine even if they're on vacation - don't forget their toothbrush!

"Make sure they are maintaining a healthy diet which includes healthy, low sugar snacks and regular meal times," Folkman adds. "And make it a habit to get a dental check-up before going back to school."

Dr. Folkman says he looks to Davis Technical College when hiring dental assistants, because they are trained in all the latest technology, such as dental scanners, oral cameras, and 3-D radiography.

Nicole Durr, dental assistant instructor at Davis Tech, says some dentists are even exploring the possibilities of tele-dentistry!

She told us how someone who's interested in becoming a Dental Assistant gets this training.

"We teach and train dental assistants how to instruct patients in proper tooth-brushing (soft bristles) and flossing techniques as well as proper nutrition habits," Nicole says. "We give our students practical experience working with volunteer dentists in a donated dental service clinic at our school."

She also says they have students that go out to schools during the school year and teach proper dental hygiene, and they also train students on fluoride and sealant techniques.

"We have several students working and managing pediatric dental offices," she says.

The job is incredibly in-demand and the program is quick! Find out more by visiting