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In this digital age, you’ll benefit from taking this training, no matter your industry

Posted at 2:57 PM, Jul 01, 2019

Omar Bravo, instructor of Digital Media Design at Davis Technical College, stopped by to tell us about the program that benefits everyone from small business owners to aspiring designers.

He describes Digital Media Design as the "intersection between fine art and engineering".  It includes graphic design, web design and digital marketing used for everything from logos and business cards to websites, email marketing, social media marketing and video editing just to name a few.

The skills are in high demand because every small business needs graphic design, web design and digital marketing.  And, it's a high-paying career as well.

The program at Davis Technical College is 1200 hours (24 hours/week for 13 months) and then you can get a job in a diverse number of careers: corporate, design agency or even as a freelancer.

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