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Blogger shares Grandma’s recipe for strawberry pie, plus a genius pie crust hack!

Posted at 2:40 PM, Jul 04, 2019

No dessert says Fourth of July like a slice of pie! And because it's strawberry season, we invited blogger Holley Jolley of to stop by to share her special recipe, and a pie crust hack!

"This is the recipe that made my husbands grandma, Grandma Jolley, famous! It's everyone in the families favorite recipe and the memories we've made eating this pie over the years are priceless. Just last weekend at our family reunion, everyone shared stories about this pie.

This is the best strawberry pie you'll ever have! It has a cream cheese layer that has a secret ingredient that puts this pie over the top. The secret ingredient is almond extract!

You can make your own pie crust (grandma's recipe is on my blog here) or you can make simple (which I do a lot) and buy frozen pie crusts that are ready to bake.

Once you've baked your pie crusts and they have cooled, make your cream cheese mixture. Cream cheese, almond extract, a little sugar and milk. I mix mine in my kitchen aid mixer. One tip on the recipe is to take your cream cheese out of the fridge an hour or so before you mix it so it's soft. Whip it all together until everything is blended well and there are no lumps.

I always add more almond extract too but you can do it to your own taste.

Then slice the strawberries up and mix in the strawberry glaze. After the pie crusts have cooled, you put the cream cheese mixture in the bottom of the pie and then put the glazed strawberries on top of the cream cheese mixture. Pop it in the fridge for an hour or two or you can eat it right away!"

And this is how you keep your pie crust from falling as it bakes:

If you use pie weights or dry beans (I use navy beans), you lay a piece of parchment paper and the beans or weights on top and that keeps the pie crust in place. Otherwise, the walls will fall!"

Find out more by visiting Holly's website here.