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3 Summer Crafts that Are Easy and Inexpensive

Posted at 2:30 PM, Jul 05, 2019

Summer is officially here, and you may be thinking of fun ways to keep kids entertained.

Nina Lewis from Grandma Ideas gave us three crafts that are easy and inexpensive!

Tea cup bird feeder
• Get a matching tea cup and saucer from a thrift store.
• Use E6000 glue to glue the cup to the saucer. Let the glue dry.
• Glue a spoon (from a thrift store) on the saucer if desired.
• Sand the spot on the bottom of the saucer where the copper cap will be.
• Glue a copper cap on the bottom of the saucer. Let the glue dry.
• Push a copper tube into the ground in your garden, put the saucer onto the tube, fill with bird seed.

Plastic flower
• Cut the top off an empty water bottle. Remove the lid.
• Cut 5 slits from the edge of the bottle down to the neck of the bottle. Trim corners so they are rounded. These are the petals.
• Bend the petals backwards like you are turning the water bottle inside out.
• Paint the petals a pretty color.
• When the paint is dry, put the lid on and wrap florist wire around the neck of the bottle. This makes the stem.
• Display in a potted plant or flower vase.

Pour Painting
• Get a stack of plastic cups.
• Turn a clean terra cotta pot upside down and place over the cups. The cups hold the pot off the table so that the paint can drip off the edges of the pot.
• If the hole in the bottom isn't covered with a price tag, cover it with masking tape.
• Pour acrylic craft paint along the edges of the rim of the pot. The paint will flow over the rim and down the sides of the pot.
• Pour another color of paint along the rim of the pot and let it flow down the edges.
• Pour a third color of paint on the pot.
• Let it dry.
• If desired, spray a clear sealant over the paint.
• Plant with flowers!

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