High times at the hospital: Man accidentally gives nurses ‘thank you’ cake laced with cannabis

Posted at 10:59 PM, Jul 05, 2019

WARRINGTON, England – A red velvet cake caused quite the stir at a British hospital earlier this year when nurses ate it, not realizing it was laced with cannabis.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the nurses were left “off their faces” and quite relaxed after eating it.

A man brought the cake to Warrington Hospital May 27 to thank the staff for the care they provided to a family member. However, he didn’t realize the cake was intended for his grandson’s 18th birthday party and had a little extra kick.

Although hospital officials initially denied staff had eaten the cake, a staffer told the newspaper “three or four” nurses ate the cake and felt the effects.

The staffer said the incident didn’t have any impact on patients, but hospital officials called the police as a precaution.

Tests later showed the cake contained cannabis. Police confirmed it was meant to be enjoyed at a teen’s birthday party, but his grandfather took it to the hospital as a gesture of gratitude and didn’t realize it contained cannabis.

Police said it appeared to be an honest mistake and decided not to pursue the case any further. The hospital conducted an internal investigation into the matter.