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How you can escape the heat with Park City eats

Posted at 2:15 PM, Jul 05, 2019

Chase from Salt Lake Foodie joined us with some great food options if you're taking a trip to Park City to escape the heat.

Park City Provisions - Park City

A hidden gem at the top main! Chase is a huge Eggs Benedict fan and the Brisket Eggs Benedict did not disappoint with a perfect blend of Hollandaise and brisket.  On Chase's next visit he had the breakfast poutine that he read so much about! He says "WOW!! I had no idea a fry based dish would become my favorite breakfast dish!!"

Freshies Lobster - Park City

Chase was at a loss for words on the lobster roll. Chase says, "WOW; literally was my first word, after my first bite and it just blurted out. No other words are needed. While doesn't make sense that the world's best lobster roll is in Utah, I know I'm thankful."

Grub Steak - Park City

The boss of all steaks; the Tomahawk! Please wipe the drool from your mouth and continue reading. This 38oz gift from the gods stretches right across the table. Now keep in mind this isn't Chase's first rodeo with the Tomahawk, but he says, "Grub Steak's selection, paired with the way they prepare this steak sent my taste buds into ecstasy. Hands down my new favorite!"

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