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Mixing patterns in menswear: good or bad idea?

Posted at 3:00 PM, Jul 05, 2019

Dani Slaugh, a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant says we've all seen mixing patterns go terribly wrong.  But when done well, the results are absolutely stunning.

She offers three tips to keep yourself from looking like a clown.

1. Start by finding a pattern - plaid, stripe, or print - which you really like and feel like you could wear forever as your source of inspiration for the color scheme of the outfit.

2. Choose other pieces of the outfit that have one color in common with your original favorite.

3. Choose patterns that are slightly smaller or larger than the original. You want only one strong pattern, then a softer - more subtle - pattern, and finally a fairly neutral pattern or solid color. How do you know if it's subtle? When you squint your eyes, or look from a distance, the pattern should appear to be a solid color.

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