Surveillance footage captures fireworks gone wrong in neighbor’s driveway

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LYNNWOOD, Wash. - Home surveillance footage captured a family firework show going terribly wrong. The family involved is amazed no one was hurt.

Thursday night, Denis Kiriaev said he and his family returned home from a professional firework show. He said trash was scattered around his property.

Kiriaev said he checked his home surveillance camera footage the next morning and saw where the debris came from.

“Fireworks gone bad,” he said.

The video shows Kiriaev’s neighbors shooting off fireworks in front of their home. A few seconds into the footage, something went wrong.

A large explosion can be seen in the video; children and adults are also seen scattering.

“It’s horribly dangerous,” he said.

KCPQ spoke to the homeowner shooting off the fireworks. They said it was an accident, and no one was hurt. However, they did not want to go on camera.

“It’s just dangerous; dangerous and reckless, and not necessary,” said Nicole Rogers.

Rogers lives down the street. She said she’s happy her children were not near the blast.

She says her community has been trying to get fireworks banned in Snohomish County for years.

Rogers and Kiriaev both say they hope sharing this video will make people think twice about shooting off fireworks.

Snohomish County Sheriff officials said there are some restrictions against fireworks in the county, but, for the most part, fireworks are legal during the Fourth of July.