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When it comes to internet at home, there are significant disparities in Utah

Posted at 2:37 PM, Jul 09, 2019

When it comes to having internet access at home, a new analysis of Census data shows significant disparities in Utah communities.

That then creates disparities in educational, social and economic development.  A home internet connection is more essential than ever for today's family.

That's why Comcast works to ensure the students who are less likely to have internet at home can access the Internet Essentials program.  Since 2011, Internet Essentials from Comcast has connected more than 6 million low-income Americans to all the opportunities of a digital world through low-cost, high-speed internet at home.

Utah mom Machelle Lake is a customer and says it has changed how her kids succeed in school by giving them access to the internet.  She also says her access to in-home internet through Comcast's Internet Essentials allowed her to look for a job to better provide for her family.

To apply for Internet Essentials, or to learn more about it, please visit: