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7 tips to having fun in Utah’s epic wilderness, even in the heat

Posted at 2:58 PM, Jul 15, 2019

In a state known for the greatest snow on earth and epic desert landscapes, it's no wonder that we are seeing a 15-20 percent increase in tourism this summer in the state of Utah.

Adventurers can hike in glacier-like conditions on Timpanogos and then travel only a few hours to hike through colorful slickrock and sand-dune filled deserts.

But, when you're in the wilderness, it's important to be aware of the inherent risks and dangers.

We invited International Adventure Host and Utah Survival and Ancestral Skills Expert Cat Bigney on the show to assist us in navigating the beautiful and dangerous contained in the Utah wilderness.

She brought seven tips for us to share:

1. Know where you are going. If the location or route is unknown, hire a reputable guide service
If the location is one you know, bring navigation/orienteering tools (map, compass, GPS). KNOW HOW TO USE THEM.
Check in with land agencies for any closures, wildfires or risk areas.

2. Leave your itinerary and an emergency plan with a trusted friend who will check up on you. Register at trailheads and check in with land agencies when able.
Leave a description of each person participating in the activity as well as a shoeprint (in foil or 'rubbing') for tracking.

3. Pack sufficient supplies. Go safe rather than 'go light'.  Make sure you have one gallon of water per person per day.
Bring protection from the sun, equipment for the cold or rain, and always have warm dry clothes to sleep in (not what you were wearing to hike, bike or climb in).
Bring supplies that match the environment (hammock for jungle, sleeping pad for the snow etc.).

4. Carry a first aid kit. Prepare a custom kit with items you need and KNOW HOW TO USE and take a first aid course if needed.

5. Prepare your mode of transportation.  Have your vehicle serviced/checked before any lengthy excursion
Have an emergency kit for your car or bike (extra oil, coolant, fuses, jack, spare tire, tire patches)

6. Be aware of your impact on the land. Safeguard the places you enjoy by protecting fragile soils and the ecosystem. Know what permits are needed and what areas are unsafe or closed to the public. Respect cultural areas and archaeology (don`t remove anything and report any disturbances).

7. Have FUN! Preparation is Key!

You can find more on Facebook: Cat Bigney.