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‘MacKenzie’s Voice’: sorority sisters and friends set up nonprofit

Posted at 6:55 PM, Jul 15, 2019

SALT LAKE CITY — Mackenzie's Lueck's sorority sisters, who initially launched the search for her last month, have started a nonprofit called MacKenzie’s Voice.

“When MacKenzie went missing, the first thing we said is, 'What do we do? What is there to do?'" said Ashley Fine, one of her sorority sisters.

Helping others figure out what to do when their loved one goes missing is the motivation behind MacKenzie's Voice.

“We learned that there`s not really a handbook or a manual or a toolkit for friends or family members when their friend goes missing,” Fine said.

The nonprofit organization is hoping to provide that toolkit with resources such as media lists and guidelines for statements.

“Helping families with grief and trauma counseling or advocating for victims,” Fine said.

MacKenzie's Voice is also hoping to provide educational opportunities for young men and women about safe online dating practices.

“It’s not the outcome that we wanted, but at least we have answers,” Fine said.

Less than a month after Lueck went missing, police located her body and arrested a man for her murder, something these girls have learned is rare.

“We were fortunate in a way. Her case has gotten a lot of attention, and I don`t know if we would`ve found her or this person if it didn`t,” Fine said.

They're paying it forward for their friend.

“She wanted to be a nurse. Very service-oriented, and that`s why we really want to pursue this non-profit — because we know it’s something she would`ve wanted us to do,” Fine said.

However, they’re also doing this for themselves.

“It gives us an outlet to help the community and use our grief towards a positive way,” Fine said.

Information on how to get involved can be found on the group's website or Facebook page.