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The ‘Bus Stop Mama’ is getting ready for school to start again

Posted at 2:58 PM, Jul 15, 2019

Emily Blodgett is known as the 'Bus Stop Mama!"  She greets her kids when they get off the school bus as many parents do, but Emily does it in costume!

Every day she's something different and her costumes are elaborate!  In fact it's been said that her creativity rivals a Hollywood director, but she's just lacking the budget!

From Elf on a Shelf at Christmas time to a witch at Halloween, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz to Triathlon training to a dancing donut in-between... Emily dances as her kids get home.  Her neighbor records it and snaps pictures for Emily to post on social media.

Emily brought some of her favorite get-ups to the show for us to see.

You can check it out everything she does on Instagram: @busstopmama.