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5 Summertime life-hacks for cleaning your home

Posted at 2:19 PM, Jul 17, 2019

Spring cleaning time may be over, but there are plenty of things that demand a good scrubbing come Summertime! Tracy Burrows, owner of Maid4Utah, stopped by with 5 life hacks that make cleaning a little easier.

1. Clean Porch
Use stiff broom and power washer on base of doors, concrete and on the exterior to get rid of dirt and webs

2. Windows
Windex or Windex Foaming Wash can be used on windows and light fixtures, and when using Viva paper towels, you leave no streaks or fibers.

3. Bathroom
In the Summer we see a lot of sand, dirt and grass. Use the vacuum to clean it up, then  clean remainder with Viva paper towel and cleaner.

4. Grill
For a quick clean of the grill, crumple-up of a ball of tin foil, pour vinegar on it, then scrub the grates. It's an easy way to remove food and grease but also safe to use around food.

5. Grass Stains on Clothes
1/2 c white vinegar (scrub on stain before washing)
Wash the clothing in cold water with detergent afterward and hang to dry. Don't put in dryer.
**Put a splash of vinegar in every load of wash to make clothes softer!

For more info, go to Tracy adds: "We have an easy online booking system where you can see how much a cleaning would be, you can also book and pay for your cleaning all online. "