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Here are the ‘Best of Beehive’ from Salt Lake Magazine

Posted at 2:27 PM, Jul 18, 2019

Salt Lake Magazine Assistant Editor Jen Hill joined us with the 'Best of Beehive's' selected according to regions.

In Salt Lake:

Best Hiker: Todd Powelson, Parrot Whisperer.  The best thing to do in Utah in the summer is hike, and nothing should stop you... including your parrot!

Best Yoga Slumber Party: Schole Yoga, let Nidra yoga get your power zzz's on.

In Sugar House:

The Penguin Brothers: Best Gourmet Sandwich (ice cream).  Really cool ice cream and fresh baked cookie combos.

In North Salt Lake:

Best Way to Lose Your Voice: Cannibal Roller Coaster at Lagoon.  It's the steepest vertical drop in North America!

In Ogden:

Best Piano, City Club Bar: Everything Beatles, if you are worried or have anxiety about them never existing you can go there and be reassured.


500 West Hello! Bulk Market: Best Way to Bulk Up, refillable bulk item foods, coffee, cleaning supplies and fresh food items as well.  And, it's owned by a woman!

In Logan:

Cache Humane Society Cat Cabana, get to hold and socialize with the kittens before they are adopted, or adopt one yourself (it's kitten season!)

South of Salt Lake:

Best Excuse to Buy a Sari: Salt Lake Studios Bollywood Dance Class - who hasn't fantasized about wearing a sari and dancing around?

In Utah County:

Dry Bar Comedy Club: Comedy clean enough for Utah County.

In Park City

Harvest (Coffees and Avocado Toast) Best Brunch Spot or Biscuits and Gravy Woodland Biscuit Co. (Best recovery after a long night).

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