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If you’ve had a bad car-buying experience, it’s time to try Markosian!

Posted at 2:31 PM, Jul 18, 2019

Nick Markosian says if you have a driver's license and a job - you can drive away in a car from Markosian Auto.

Budah visited him on a day when a new commercial was being shot -- you'll notice a wrestling ring in the background.  Markosian is all about being creative, not just with their ads you see on TV, but with financing too!  They'll help people get approved without putting them through the ringer.  It's fast and easy with all in-house financing through Markosian.

In fact they've built a reputation on helping people who need a car get into a car they love!  And after a year if you move or lose your job, they'll let you give the car back and only pay a small fee!

You'll also get free oil changes too!

At Markosian they're old slogan is new again: "We Won't Jerk You Around".

Visit: to find the car that's right for you!